My 3D Animation Works

FRC Safety Animation

I made this 3D animation for the FRC competition in which our highschool’s robotics team competed. I made the scene from scratch using 3Ds Max except a close friends of mine designed some of the scene objects in SolidWorks. I imported them into the scene and added material to these objects. I also designed the robotic arm, desk, and positioned each object in the scene. I then added light sources, normal maps, depth maps, and displacement maps to walls and ground. I also made the animation curves which was the most exhausting but the most fun part. Finally, I configured the rendering engine. The rendering engine rendered the animation for 3 hours and my computer computers GPU got so hot and my PC failed. Then I rendered the animation in my friends high power server computer. We made this animation in just 3 days by working non-stop to finish it before the deadline. It was super exhausting, but we confidently worked hard and finished it around 1 hour before the deadline.

Vertical Pot Demo

Fridge Opener Demo

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